Example Lab Report

The entire example lab report, titled Proper Inflation of a Basketball, is available in two formats. To get the best idea of what a lab report should look like, download the Microsoft Word format document and print it out. Then make your report look like the example! The  HTML format document is viewable on-line, and is as close to a properly formatted lab report as the limitations of the Web will allow.

To view specific sections of the example lab report, use the following links. These have comments that you will find useful, but have the disadvantage of being out of the context of the full report:

 The Title Page

 The Abstract

 The Introduction

 The Materials and Methods Section

 The Data and Analysis Section

 The Discussion Section

 The Conclusion

 The References

 The Acknowledgements

To view comments on how to use the following elements of a lab report, use the following links:

 Mathematics as Language

 Use of Tables