Welcome to Project VISM - Visualization in Science and Mathematics. It is an exciting effort to help teachers and students work with real data in new ways.  Come explore our site!


News and Announcements


Cindy’s Molecular Visualization page has moved.  Go to http://sharepoint.cisat.jmu.edu/isat/klevicca/Web/VISM/VISM.htm


We just completed our final follow-up workshop at Pacific University in Oregon.  Mike Charles' updated evaluation presentation (in PowerPoint) can be accessed by clicking here.

Thanks to all project participants for their work in Project VISM.  We're continuing our evaluation work and will post updates here.

  You can access the on-line follow-up workshop evaluation by clicking here.  If you would like to download the form and print it, please click here.

 Funding is provided by the National Science Foundation

Software and curriculum support is provided by the following companies:

ESRI, Inc. (www.esri.com

High-Performance Systems, Inc. (www.hps-inc.com


The Center for Image Processing in Education (www.evisual.org