Workshop Agendas from Summer 2000 VISM Participants

Project VISM and its participants hold the copyright to these materials.  They may be reproduced for your instructional use, but credit must be given to Project VISM and James Madison University.  These materials may NOT be included in any commercial activity without the express written consent of Project VISM.

 Here are links to other interesting websites with information and curriculum for data visualization in the classroom.  Non-commerical sites are listed first, followed by commercial sites.

Name and URL
General Eisenhower National Clearing House
The ENC is part of the Department of Education’s efforts to reform k-12 math and science education. It’s useful to find helpful software, learn new teaching techniques, or link to other math and science websites.
General Electronic Games for Education in Math and 
Science (E-GEMS)
The E-GEMS is a team who is researching and developing children's interactions with computers in order "to integrate game-like computer activities with other forms of classroom learning.”
General Science Master
“Science Master features the best in astronomy, biology, geology, chemistry, physics with the latest on learning technology.”
General Science Content Standards
“The science content standards outline what students should know, understand, and be able to do in the natural sciences over the course of K-12 education.”
General Maryland Virtual High School
Home page for the Maryland Virtual High School of Science and Mathmatics.
GIS Edgewood Watershed Education Connection
“The EWEC, sponsored by Edgewood College and many collaboators, promotes networking, education, and public involvement around local ecological and cultural issues.”
GIS Center for Spatial Analysis and Remote 
“The Center for Spatial Analysis and Remote Sensing (CSARS) was established with partial funding from NASA to function as a test-bed for public access to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing information. The center conducts educational, research and outreach activities.”
GIS Geomantics: The Visualization People
“We specialize in the development and use of landscape visualization and geographical software, with particular emphasis on its application in Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Mapping, Geography, Geology, and more.”
GIS GMS Home Page
“The Department of Defense Groundwater Modeling System - GMS - is the most sophisticated and comprehensive groundwater modeling environment available today.”
GIS USGS EROS Data Center: Distributive 
Active Archive Center
“The EDC DAAC was established as part of NASA's Earth Observing System (EOS) Data and Information System (EOSDIS) initiative to process, archive, and distribute land-related data collected by EOS sensors.”
GIS VENTS Geographic Information System
This page gives basic information about GIS and ArcView, and lets the browser link a GIS to the web page and deal interactively with ArcView on this web page.
GIS Chuck Ehlschlaeger's Home Page
This is the site of a professor at Hunter College. He provides a number of links to sites about GIS—jobs, research, information, and more.
GIS Georgia Spatial Data Infrastructure
“This section of the GDSI Website is devoted to furthering the awareness and education of GIT and spotlighting unique and technologically advanced GIS applications in Georgia.”
GIS Washington State Geospatial Data Archive
"Your One Stop Source for GIS Coverages for the Pacific Northwest."
GIS Land Descriptions: ArcView Shape Files
This site lets you ”download a zip file containing information on lands included in Alberta's Parks and Protected Areas programs.” This file is to be used in ArcView.
GIS A Tutorial on Using ArcView 3.1 with AWIPS
This is a good tutorial for ArcView.
GIS National GeoSpatial Data Clearinghouse
“This server provides metadata through the National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse, a distributed catalog of geospatial data sets from numerous Federal, state, and private-sector agencies.”
GIS Tillamook County GIS
This page describes current projects underway in Tillamook County using GIS.
GIS Online Map Creation
“You may create maps interactively at this site.”
GIS GIS ArcView Files
“The Elkhorn Slough Foundation's ArcView files are a set of georeferenced resource data layers for the Elkhorn Slough watershed that can be viewed and manipulated using ESRI's ArcView 3.x GIS software.”
GIS Central Coast Joint Data Committee
The CCJDC is a partnership that has agreed to “share spatial data about the 5-county region of the Central Coast of California, from San Mateo through Santa Cruz, San Benito and Monterey to San Luis Obispo County.”
GIS GIS St. Louis
This site is for the East St. Louis Action Research Project. It provides a tutorial of ArcView, info. on GIS, and datasets of information about East St. Louis.
GIS Working with USGS map data
This site gives you information about how to work with USGS map data.
GIS Welcome to Arclessons!
ArcLessons is a resource for you to share LessonPacks for using GIS in the classroom.
GIS is a portal to GIS information on the Web and was created by ESRI, a GIS software developer. The site is intended to educate anyone interested in geographic technology on the value that technology brings to their day-to-day activities. The site also provides GIS users with resources.
This is the ESRI: GIS and Mapping Software home page.
GIS Iowa State University Geographic Information 
Systems Support and Research Facility
“The mission of the facility is to provide a high level GIS research support laboratory for students, faculty and staff as well as to provided GIS education and outreach to the ISU community and the state of Iowa.”
GIS Penn State—Land Analysis Laboratory
“The Land Analysis Laboratory (LAL) specializes in the use of geographic information systems (GIS) and related advanced information system technologies for environmental assessment and land management.”
GIS Center for Spatial Technologies and 
Remote Sensing
“Dr. Susan Ustin's Center for Spatial Technologies And Remote Sensing deals primarily with interpretation of remote sensing imagery, applications of geographic information systems, and landscape modeling of vegetation, hydrology, and climatology.”
GIS Pyrogeography Research Laboratory
“The University of Arizona PRL conducts basic and applied research in fire mapping science. Remote sensing and geographic information system (GIS) technologies are used to support fire fuels mapping and modeling projects, chiefly in the Southwestern U.S.”
GIS Geographic Information Systems
This is a general site for GIS. It provides information about how GIS is being used in k-12 education, ArcView resources, GIS tutorials, user groups, and other various links to info. about GIS. It is an extremely useful site for teachers.
GIS USGS: Geographic Information Systems
This site is a general GIS information site put on by the USGS node of the National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse. It answers and provides links to other information on the following questions: what is a GIS, how does a GIS work, what’s special about a GIS, applications to GIS.
GIS Geographic Information Systems as an 
Integrating Technology: Context, Concepts, 
and Definitions
This is a paper about Information Technologies in Geography, The Course of Technological Innovation, GIS as an Integrating Technology, and more.
GIS GIS WWW Resource List
“This is an index of World-Wide Web (WWW) servers which are likely to be of interest to the GIS community.”
GIS Queen’s University Geographic Information 
Systems Library
The purposes of this library are to provide GIS support for teaching and research activities at Queen's, to encourage community outreach in GIS research, development, and teaching, to promote the use of CAD and GIS in the k-12 curriculum, to develop innovative uses of GIS in various disciplines.”
GIS National Center for Geographic Information 
and Analysis
“Topics of current research within the NCGIA consortium include: Accuracy and uncertainty in spatial data, Cognition, and Modeling and representation.”
GIS Chickscope: NIH Image Tutorial
This provides basic step-by-step instructions on how to use NIH Image to manipulate MR images.
GIS NIH Image and Satellite Imagery
This site provides an introduction to NIH Image, and also 3 activities using NIH Image and Satellite Imagery (Measuring Area, How Big is Antarctica, Animate it!).
GIS NIH Image Basics
This is another introduction to NIH Image site. It describes its purpose, its tools, and some functions you can do with it.
GIS Wisely’s GIS Yellow Pages
This is a very helpful site that provides hundreds of links to web pages on GIS.
GIS 6 GIS and Mapping Related Sites
This is “ABRODY's Home Page internet index of Geography, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Mapping sites on the internet.”
GIS Geo Community
This is an awesome GIS home page, providing links to free downloads, a Geo Store, a Geo Search Engine, corporate information, spatial news, software, Geo Careers, and fun GIS stuff.
GIS GIS and Environmental Science for K-14 
This page has lessons produced by the GIS and Environmental Science Institute for k-14 teachers. It has links to lessons on Models of Actual School Projects using GIS in studying the environment, Tutorial Activities for learning ArcView and/or GIS, and Classroom/Computer Lab Lessons Using GIS.
GIS ESRI Canada home page
This is the ESRI site for Canada. It has information about GIS products, links to education sites using GIS, and links to support sites for GIS software.
GIS USGS: Rocky Mountain Mapping Center
This site provides educational lessons in the following fields: Cultural and Physical Geography, Cartography (Mapmaking), Geographic Information Science (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Natural Hazards, Aerial Photography and Satellite, and Imagery.
GIS State Map Sites (U.S.)
This site provides links to U.S. state and territorial maps on other web site locations.
GIS City Map Sites
This site has links to city maps on other web sites.
GIS USGS EDC Global Land Information 
System (GLIS)
“The Global Land Information System (GLIS) is an interactive computer system developed by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) for scientists seeking sources of information about the Earth's land surfaces.”
GIS Bureau of Reclamation: Hydropower Program
This site has a listing of and links to all U.S. power plants by state.
GIS How Far Is It?: As the Crow Flies
“This service uses data from the US Census and a supplementary list of cities around the world to find the latitude and longitude of two places, and then calculates the distance between them (as the crow flies). It also provides a map showing the two places.”
GIS Volcano World
This site has links to volcano sites sorted by World Region, Country/Area, Volcano Name, and Volcano Descriptions.
GIS The Protected Area GIS  Homepage
The PAGIS project is helping create internet capabilities to further the GIS status on the web
GIS Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
The research institute mapping program which allows for downloads of underwater data of the Monterey Bay area in California
GIS Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary GIS Data Archive
GIS data available for download of the FBNMS in American Samoa
GIS--commercial ArcView GIS 3.0
This is the ArcView home page.
GIS--commercial Gareth Ree’s NIH Image Macros
This site has links to the following four macros which can be downloaded for free: Import 32-bit IEEE format floating-point data, Geometric rectification of images using GCPs, Masks for shadowing and highlighting in SAR images, and Terrain visualization.
GIS--commercial Geographic Information Systems and 
Cellular Automata: A new approach
to forest fire simulation
“A new approach for fire spread simulation, based on cellular automata models, is proposed using GIS as a base to implement the proposed methodology a software package with the name FIREGIS was developed on a PC compatible.”
NIH Image Home Page
“NIH Image is a public domain image processing and analysis program for the Macintosh. Image can acquire, display, edit, enhance, analyze and animate images.
Research Systems, Inc.
“Research Systems, Inc. is a technical software company developing visualization and data analysis tools. Research Systems also markets ENVI™ (written in IDL) the industry-leading remote sensing data analysis software.”
IP Mathematics Experiences Through 
Image Processing (METIP)
METIP is designed to “produce and test materials that promote digital image processing as a means of motivating K-12 students in mathematics and as a means of teaching mathematical concepts.”
IP Spatial Data and Visualization Center—
Univ. of Wyoming
Two objectives of this center are to “develop and provide, via the Internet, visualization and information access tools about Wyoming's resources, and to make existing spatial data readily available to the Wyoming public through the online Natural Resources Data Clearinghouse."
IP Pattern Recognition and Image Processing 
Lab at MSU
“PRIP Lab faculty and students investigate the use of the machines to recognize patterns or objects. Methods are developed to sense objects, to discover which of their features distinguish them from others, and to design algorithms which can be used by a machine to do the classification.”
IP Signal and Image Processing Institute of the 
University of Southern California
“Research in SIPI has been at the forefront of signal processing…Recent applications include medical imaging, array signal processing, immersive audio, video image compression and other multimedia related technologies.”
IP University of Cape Town Digital Image 
This Image Processing group does research on the following areas: Image Compression, Medical Imaging, Industrial Applications, Pattern Recognition, and Knowledge Based Image Processing.
IP Medical Image Processing Laboratory
“The Medical Image Processing Laboratory conducts investigations in medical image processing and analysis.”
IP DIG Stats
"DIG Stats integrates statistics and data visualization into mathematics and science courses in secondary schools, community colleges and undergraduate programs. Modules cover concepts from descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, 2-d graphical analysis and 3-d data visualization.”
IP Data Visualization and Analysis Lab
The DVAL provides advanced visualization tools on an integrated system of high-performance graphics workstations, digital image processing equipment, and a digital video editing system.
“Using the interactive tools of HiQ, you can create data objects, analysis, and graphs that you can move, rotate, and customize to bring out the important points in your data.”
IP Visualization of Remote Sensing Data
VRSD supplies visualizations that are derived from satellite data which has been color-enhanced or otherwise processed to yield high-impact renderings of hurricanes and other natural phenomena.
IP Data Visualization Sites
“This is a listing of sites from which you can download images and movies of scientific data.”
IP Using Scion Image
This is a basic tutorial for Scion Image.
IP Image Analysis in Math and Science 
Education: the Next Revolution
This is Scott Coletti’s page for image analysis. It includes workshop handouts, productivity recipes, projects and resources, and professional growth.
IP Medical Thermography
This site is about the Medical Monitoring Systems which specializes in “digital infrared thermal imaging for clinical applications.”
IP Crater Identification
This is an interactive project designed by Jim Lehman and Jim Meunier designed to discover what caused craters using image processing.
Discovering image processing : fundamentals 
of image processing to integrate science, 
mathematics and technology,,014059,00.shtm
This website describes software designed for kids in grades 9-12 to use digital imaging technology. Students are to learn how to “use the real-world digital images, obtained from scientific research projects, to analyze, enhance, animate, and morph digital images.”
3DGRUP is a company that creates and develops “multimedia products targeted to the educational and entertainment markets.” They particularly concentrate on 3-d visualization and real time simulation.
Center for Image Processing in Education
“CIPE publishes a CD-ROM containing 75 lessons that teach image processing technology as well as a wide range of science and mathematics concepts.
Visualize, Inc.
“Founded in 1996, Visualize, Inc.'s mission is to design, develop, and deliver high-end data visualization software for enterprise level, Internet based services.”
Data Visualization Made Easy
“This article is the first of a two-piece series on preparing and hosting database sites on the Internet. It covers how to display your data graphically, give users a choice on how they view it, and then publish on the Internet through a commercial ISP service.”
Scion Corporation
This site will let you download the Scion Image software for free.
Mol. Viz. List of Molecular Graphics Files 
(.PDB Index)
This person has experimented with 4 different ways of displaying PDB files. The site provides 4 versions: original display - no JavaScripts, first attempts with Chime and JavaScripts, with an input area for CHIME commands, with a method of highlighting BONDS rather than atoms.
Mol. Viz. Virtual Museum of Minerals and Molecules
”The Virtual Museum of Minerals and Molecules™ is a web-based focal point and resource for 3-D visualizations of molecules and minerals designed for instructional use.”
Mol. Viz. Mineral Specimens
This site has downloadable images of many mineral specimens.
Mol. Viz. Molecular Models for Biochemistry
“The linked pages described here have tutorials and quizzes that are based on Chime and RasMol images of the molecules and macromolecules found in biochemistry.”
Mol. Viz. 3D Model Builder
“Enter a structure as SMILES string and an identifier in the entry fields below. The molecules (and their 3D coordinates) in the sample images can be transferred to your local computer and viewed in 3D interactively by means of the program RASMOL.”
Mol. Viz. BioTech Applied
This site looks at the practical applications of biotechnology and the “roles biotechnology has played in the fields of medicine, fuels, arms, forensics, food and the environment with some fun tips for introducing technology into the classroom.”
Mol. Viz. Nucleic Acid Data Base Project (NDB)
This project “assembles and distributes structural information about nucleic acids.”
Mol. Viz. What are Proteins?
This site is a basic introduction to proteins complete with colorful graphics.
Mol. Viz. Index of/glactone/PDB/Proteins/
This website is an index of proteins in .pdb format.
Mol. Viz. Structure Data Base
This site has a comprehensive list of pharmaceutical structures of molecules that can be viewed using Chemscape Chime.
Mol. Viz. ISAT 454 Home page
This is Cindy Klevickis’ home page for her ISAT 454 class. It provides the course outline and lots of information about pdb files and RasMol and Chemscape Chime.
Mol. Viz. Project VISM Molecular Visualization 
Home page
This is the VISM home page for molecular modeling created by Cindy Klevickis.
Mol. Viz. Protein Structure Tutorial
This site provides a tutorial about proteins including 3 sections: a Protein Overview, Amino Acids, and Polypeptides.
Mol. Viz. PDBs for Biochemistry
This is a compilation of PDB files that are useful in teaching Biochemistry. Some of them include: Amino Acids, Nucleic Acids, Cofactors, Classic Proteins, Nucleic Acid Binding Proteins, Krebs Cycle, Gluconeogenesis and Glycolysis, Photosynthesis.
Mol. Viz.

Molecular Models from Chemistry at 
Okanagan University College

This site has 1250+ molecular models in .pdb format that have been created for chemistry by Dr. Dave Woodcock.
Mol. Viz. Protein Data Bank
This is a site that has protein PDB structures that have been determined by X-ray crystallography and NMR.
Mol. Viz. Getting PDB Files
This is a basic website teaching you how to download and obtain PDB files.
Mol. Viz MathMol K-12 Activity Page
This website about MathMol (Mathematics and Molecules) is designed to introduce teachers and K-12 students to molecular modeling and its application to mathematics.
Mol. Viz.--
Chemscape Chime Support Page
This site lets you download Chemscape Chime and also demonstrations and tutorials.
Mol. Viz.--
RasMol and Chime: Molecular Visualization Freeware
This is the RasMol and Chemscape Chime home page. It provides tutorials, free software, and downloadable molecules.
STELLA The Models for GEOS 2004 Evolution 
of the Earth System
This site has STELLA models for earth science used for GEOS 2004 Evolution of the Earth System at the Univ. of Oklahoma.
STELLA WWW-Server for Ecological Modeling
This server provides access to information about “REM and ECOBAS, simulation-software and links, data sources and other information about modeling.”
STELLA The Physics of Projectile Motion
This site includes the Water Balloon game, examples of projectile motion such as kicking a soccer ball. It also has a brief history of Projectile Motion.
STELLA Dynamic simulations
This site is about using Stella to model the world phenomena like flooding watersheds, erosion, budget development and more.
STELLA Creative Learning Exchange
This provides a list of sites that focus on these subjects; system education, cross-curricular material, English, math, science, social studies, student work, and system dynamics.
STELLA FARMSIM: A dynamic model for 
the simulation of yields, nutrient cycling 
and resource flows on Philippine small-scale 
farming systems
This site provides a full report of the model including Stella graphs and diagrams.
STELLA A Look At How Trichloroflourocarbon 
May Impact The Surface Temperature 
of the Earth
Provides a full scientific report of the model with Stella graphs and diagrams.
STELLA The Black Bear Population in Maryland
Stella Model and short description of black bear population.
Good Stella Exercises
STELLA Analysis of Proposed Little Rock Creek 
Wastewater Treatment Plant
Analysis of Proposed Little Rock Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant
STELLA Analysis and Solution of Environmental 
The purpose of the course is to develop skills necessary for an interdisciplinary analysis of environmental problems, with a focus on linking scientific analysis to issues of environmental management and policy.
STELLA Curriculum Investigation 3: Biosphere 2
The site is about investigations, developed for the Earth Curriculum project, that explore Biosphere 2 as a model for the interconnected physical, chemical, biological, and human systems of the Earth.
STELLA Modeling of Methane Emissions from the 
Portage Wastewater Treatment Plant
Stella models of methane emissions
STELLA Computers in Biomedical Research: 
Stella tutorial for biomedical research
"In working with Stella, we configured a model that depicted the possible growth of minorities as professionals or doctorates."
STELLA Software solutions:STELLA 6.0
Stella 6.0 tutorial
STELLA Biomass Burning and its Effect on the 
Global Concentrations of Carbon Dioxide
Model of Burning biomass
STELLA The Economic Effects of El Nino
Study of economical effects of El Nino and other natural disasters
STELLA The Mathematical Modeling Resource Center
Decay experiment write up
STELLA New Developments in Landform Evolution 
Modeling: Fluvial landforms
Study, graphs, and models on landform evolution
STELLA Effects of military training exercises on the 
Sage Grouse population, vegetation, and soil
Stella model of military training on populations
STELLA Application of patch and metapopulation 
dynamics to the understanding of risks at 
a landscape level
Stella models for metapopulations
STELLA Groundwater flow in the twin cities
Groundwater and population flow Stella models
STELLA The Atmosphere of Venus
Stella model and report on the atmosphere of Venus
STELLA The Global Carbon Cycle
Exercise using Stella about the global carbon cycle
STELLA System Thinking
#Topic 12
Stella model of thinking
STELLA Teacher Resource Lessons
Over twenty teacher lesson plans using Stella modeling
STELLA Electrathon Vehicle Performance Simulator
In the course of completing their Junior Practicum, students participating in the Energy Power Transportation Cluster have worked as a team to design and construct an Electrathon class electric vehicle.
STELLA The patch dynamics of horizontal gene
transfer and implications for the risk 
assessment of plasmids
This provides a summary explanation of the model.
STELLA Baroreceptor Modeling: An Interactive 
Cardiovascular Simulation
Algorithm: A System Dynamics Model of Baroreceptor Regulation of Blood Pressure
STELLA Modernism: Influencing the Bull
Picasso and the Bull Stella Model
STELLA Systems Simulation
This website is for a college-level course on simulation and modeling, but it also provides plenty of information on Topics in Descriptive Simulation Modeling, Statistics and Probability for Simulation, Random Number Generators, Techniques for Sensitivity Estimation, and more.
STELLA Team for Advanced Flow Simulation
and Modeling
“The T*AFSM is an inter-institutional group of researchers focusing on development of advanced computational methods and tools for flow simulation and modeling."
STELLA Simulation Modeling
This website is simply a figure that “shows a schematic of the process of creating a simulation model. The process involves several steps through which one must iterate until a satisfactory model is obtained.”
STELLA Center for Creative Learning, Inc.
“This site is for educators working with STELLA and trying to integrate it into various courses. There are a number of free lesson plans available, along with STELLA models on this site.” (Winebrake and Deaton)
“A great web site of physics-based models from the Maryland Virtual H.S. at Williamsport H.S.” (Winebrake and Deaton)
High Performance Systems, Inc.
This site is the makers of STELLA. It will allow you to order software online, ask questions of the makers, and link to education sites involved with STELLA.
Simulation & Modeling—Hudson 
“Hudson Research Inc. is a firm believer in the values of [simulation and modeling] and has a wide range of tools available for these tasks. In many instances, simulation is the only reasonable method of predicting system performance prior to physically construction.”
Welcome to! 12 day training
NSF funding for training of dynamic models