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Celebrating 20 Years of Innovation

Please join us on Friday and Saturday, April 11 and 12, as we celebrate 20 years of innovation in the Department of Integrated Science and Technology (ISAT). Since its inception, the department has grown to house the Geographic Science (GS), Intelligence Analysis (IA), and Integrated Science and Technology (BSISAT) degree programs. The success of these unique programs is a credit to the departmentís founding concept Ė above all, to be innovative and agile.

We are excited to celebrate this major milestone with our students, alumni, faculty, staff and community. Special guests JMU President Jon Alger and former President Ron Carrier will be joining us on Saturday and will remind us of the departmentís beginnings and where it is headed.

ISAT 20thFriday features the Senior Symposium, where students will showcase the results of their senior capstone research. We will also hold our first joint business meeting with Intelligence Analysis, Geographic Science, and ISAT Alumni, a special recruiter luncheon/mixer, and a series of alumni panel discussions to share stories of life beyond graduation with current students.

The celebration continues on Saturday as former JMU President Ron Carrier shares the history of ISAT.  Dr. Carrierís vision and drive made the ISAT Department possible and his continuing support throughout the years has helped the department prosper.

ISAT 20thFaculty and students will host concurrent breakout sessions highlighting the best research, outreach, and education in GA, IA, and ISAT.  Reconnect with your favorite professors and meet current students Ė find out what they are up to now! 

When we look back at our first 20 years, our work is given meaning by the passion and success of our students and alumni. Presentations from some inspiring alumni will remind us of the key elements of our programs that set the stage for successful and highly fulfilling professional lives after graduation

JMU President Jonathan Alger will help us conclude the day by describing his vision of JMUís potential and the important role that our students, faculty, and alumni will play in realizing this future.† We will conclude the formal festivities with an awards ceremony through which President Alger will acknowledge examples of exceptional alumni engagement.

ISAT 20thPlease join us on Friday and Saturday as we reminisce, celebrate, and reconnect through this vibrant celebration. Share your stories with us and help us reinforce the best in our programs. Enjoy the Senior Symposium, participate in the business meeting, and meet JMU Presidents Carrier and Alger.  Stick around for special after-hours events, including Shakespeare performances at the Forbes Center or join us for a night downtown. Catch up with old friends you havenít seen in a while and make some new ones.† Above all, we hope youíll take this opportunity to reconnect with the ISAT Department and help us continue to prosper as we embark on our third decade of innovation!

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