James Madison University

Master's Degree in Integrated Science and Technology (MS ISAT)

About the Program

The Master of Science degree in Integrated Science and Technology (MS ISAT) provides a broad, project-based education for careers in the public and private sectors that have a strong science and technology component.  The program builds a solid foundation in applied science and technology, which prepares students to address complex, interdisciplinary problems.  Students acquire quantitative tools for applied systems analysis, design, integration, and management issues encountered in contemporary professional practice.  The curriculum stresses the use of computing and information technology for modeling, simulation, and information, and knowledge management.  One of the unique characteristics of MS ISAT is its emphasis on the systems approach to problem solving.  Contemporary systems involve a complex interplay of technical, social, political, regulatory, and business factors. 


Until further notice, the (Harrisonburg-based) MS ISAT program is not accepting applications.   Interested students are urged to speak with the director, Dr. Ivory Ming.  Applications to the MSISAT program in Malta [SERM] are continuing as normal.


The mission of the Integrated Science and Technology Masters Program is to provide diverse and experienced professionals with an educational experience that facilitates in-depth knowledge and skills across a variety of integrated scientific and technological disciplines utilizing a systems approach.

Curriculum Guide

The 30 credit-hour curriculum includes the following three sequences of courses:

Core program courses 12 credits
Graduate electives 12 credits
Capstone project/thesis  6 credits
  30 credits

The systems theme is a common thread through all courses.  The program core sequence provides the tools and foundations for building systems thinking.  Elective courses provide depth in a particular area of interest to the student.  The capstone project or thesis research allows students to apply the systems’ tools to their chosen area of specialization.

The ISAT master’s degree is also offered jointly with the University of Malta.  The thirteen-month program is offered entirely in Malta and includes the core sequence of four courses along with a defined set of electives.  Students who complete the Master’s program in Malta will also earn a Master’s in Sustainable Environmental Resources Management from the University of Malta.  This program is taught by faculty from both JMU and the University of Malta and includes study abroad travel.

Graduation Requirements

Graduation requires successful completion of 30 graduate credit hours in a sequence approved by the graduate academic advisor, Dr. Ivory Ming. Students must have a GPA of 3.0 or better with no more than six credit hours of C's.  An acceptable program of study includes 12 credits of core courses or their equivalent, 12 credits of program electives, and 6 thesis project credits.  More details on University and program requirements and the curriculum are available in the official JMU Graduate Catalog.

At least one-half of the courses (15 credits or more) in the required plan of study must be at the 600-level or above.  Students may participate in the graduation ceremony if three or fewer credit hours remain to complete the degree.  Students must closely follow and satisfy due dates and deadlines specified by the official calendar of The Graduate School.